Our reserve studies are comprehensive and extremely customizable to our clients’ needs and expectations. Below are screenshots from our studies with brief explanations of the different section in the report. *(click to enlarge)*

Summary & Disclosure Page

The findings of the reserve study are summarized for the reader. This includes a percent funded calculation, current reserve balances and an ideal reserve account balance as of the report date. Additionally there is a simple component list for review and disclosure to the community. 

Funding Model Summaries

Funding Model Summary for each reserve funding model in the study. Typically at a minimum Recommended, Baseline and Current Funding Models will be included. Includes comments about the adequacy for the funding plan plus positive and negative factors for each. Again broken down to month contribution amounts.

Various Customizable Charts

Customizable charts to provide the most catered reserve study possible. Inclusion of various funding models side by side as well as expenditures. Excellent visual representation of the models that are most appropriate for a community. Pie chart shows which components carry greatest expense over the life of the reserve study. 

Annual Expenditure Report


Annual expenditures indicated by components repair / replacement projects in each year of the reserve study as well as total projected costs associated with them in each of those years.  The expenditure reports are provided in various formats including a spreadsheet over the thirty years covered in the study.

Component Detail Report

Detailed commentary for each component including current costs, useful life, remaining useful life, next replacement year, location, measurement information, maintenance, repair and replacement suggestions. Photographic inventory – Will include pictures of condition deficiencies noted or areas of concern.

Component Index & Disclosure

Component Index page to easily look up component details location the report. This is extremely useful for larger communities as reports can be hundreds of pages long. Our reports include end of the year funding and assessment disclosures reports. 

Calculations & Definitions

Disclosures for calculations like Percent Funded & Fully Funded Balance are provided as well as a list of definitions to clarify some of the industry specific terminology utilized in the reserve study sections. 

Narrative About the Reserve Study

The narrative of the reserve study provides in depth explanations of the concepts and guidelines we follow to adhere to National Reserve Study Standards, Statutory Reserve Study Laws and Disclosure requirements.