Request Proposal

Utilize our simple online order form or Contact Form to provide the general information on the property. 

We will complete some preliminary due diligence and will contact you shortly after completion for further questions regarding the community / property and to what level of service(s) you are requesting or in need of. If you do not know we will make suggestions on what your options may be. We will also request some initial information from you such as the governing documents, plat/community map, building plans, etc. 


Site Inspection

After we receive confirmation you would like to proceed we will contact you to set up a date & time which works for your schedule to complete the site inspection.

​Depending on the size of the community, level of service and number of common area components the time needed for the site inspection can take from several hours to several days. We will completed a comprehensive inspection of the components for our Level I Studies which includes; an inventory of the common area, condition assessments and photographic library of components. 


Financial Analysis

We will need to review the financial information of the community (budget, reserve allocation rate) to determine what funding level the community currently is at.

From there we will develop a funding strategy to meet the future obligations of the community in relation to the common areas. For capital replacement plans we will typically not review financial information but will provide the long term financial strategies needed to address future costs related to replacement of components. During this process we are determining future costs and expense timelines. 


Review Study

After you have received the first Draft of your study we strongly suggest you thorough review it.

​Verify that the component list is in line with what was expected. After a review, discussion of the findings and any revisions are made we will create a final report that will be submitted for approval of our customer. We look forward to a strong and long term relationship with our customers. 

We can provide in-person, phone or video explanation of the completed report and our recommendations to a Board and / or during HOA meetings. ​