Funding for Retention & Detention Ponds - Home Owners Associations

Home Owners Associations​ often have a retention pond that is the Associations responsibility; it is often listed in the community's governing documents as requiring annual inspection and maintenance. Unfortunately many communities have done little to no maintenance of this common area component and are often made aware of the costs only after the City/County has come in notified a community of the required upkeep.

Retention Ponds are of all sizes and varieties with some requiring ongoing maintenance and others will numerous ponds for sediment collection & wetlands. The associated costs for the ongoing maintenance as well as replacement of components is also extremely wide ranging and very specific to the  community stormwater system. As reserve study providers we are trying to solidify accurate costs and replacement schedules which can be challenging as most systems have not reached an age that has required large scale replacement. If a community does not wish to cover the maintenance expenses from an operating account we will typically recommend funding for sediment removal every 3-5 years and update the estimated costs in updates to the study as a history of maintenance expenses emerge with time.

*Reserve Analyst Recommendation* - set up an annual maintenance contract with a licensed and qualified vendor. They will come out and inspect the pond, make required repairs, remove debris, vegetation and sediment. While these contracts are not inexpensive they are less costly than letting the expenses build up over many years. An annual maintenance contract ensures all members are paying their fair share for the costs and limits the likelihood that a special assessment will be needed for large scale replacement due to deferred maintenance of this storm water system component.

Link:  Retention Pond Maintenance Manual