Funding for Tennis Court Resurfacing & Replacement

Many communities find their tennis courts to be a desirable amenity which, when properly cared for, will provide years of recreational opportunities to the membership. As with all common area components though tennis courts will require regular cycles of repair, maintenance and eventual resurfacing with an overlay or full replacement.

Assuming the court was designed correctly with appropriate soil conditions underneath and appropriate drainage the large expenses related to the resurfacing and replacement of a tennis court are fairly infrequent which allows a community to adequately fund for them years in advance. Below is an example of a more common funding scenario for tennis courts in the Pacific Northwest:

  • Every 7 years - Resurface & Repair the Tennis Courts
  • Every 28 Years - Replace the Court - Typically an asphalt overlay over the old court will suffice at this time, however if the court has significant cracking and/or unevenness then a more costly full replacement of the court may be necessary (removal of old asphalt, regrading, drainage, etc).

Link: Tennis Court Maintenance Manual