Funding for Window Replacement

Windows are typically a long life component which can last over 40 years when properly maintained and protected. In a reserve study we typically will recommend inspections of windows, resealing widows as needed during paint cycles at least every 5 years and for full scale replacement at 30-40 years depending on the type of window and how well they have been maintained.

Broken windows and condensation issues are often addressed annually and paid for as needed from the operating account but larger scale replacement is extremely costly and will impact the membership during this large scale community project. Our reserve studies will provide a community the expected costs associated with window replacement years in advance as well as provide a timeline of when the community will likely need to plan for completing the project.

Older communities may have buildings, club houses, recreation building, etc, which only have single pane windows or outdated aluminium windows which they would like to be updated to double pane metal/vinyl/fiberglass. This type of update will increase the aesthetic appeal of the community and help to increase the insulation of the building(s) so utilities expenses can be reduced.

The great thing about windows are they can last a very long time if properly installed and adequately maintained. There should be plenty of time to adequately budget for the replacement expenses. Our reserve studies will provide the most effective way to fund for these expenses at a minimal expense to the community membership over the years.

Link: Vinyl Window Maintenance