Swimming Pools – Deck Replacement and Re-piping

As many of the condominium communities around Seattle age they are now encountering costs associated with longer life components like piping. Often a pipe issue in the building is more evident than a pipe leaking at the swimming pool. It is important that a community plans for the re-piping of the swimming pool to coincide with resurfacing the pool deck to minimize the costs associated with resurfacing the deck and replacing the pool plumbing.

Most pool decks in the Pacific Northwest are resurfaced / replaced at around the 20-year mark and the piping for pool systems often encounter issues around the 40-year mark. Make sure when you review your reserve study the reserve analyst has projected the replacement of the pool deck to coincide with pool pipe replacement. Failure to adequately plan for these projects to be done at the same time can result in the expense of tearing up the pool deck between typical resurface / replacement cycles which is an added expense to the community and an added inconvenience.

To utilize the reserve study to its fullest as a project management tool and a budgeting tool review the upcoming projected expenses with particular attention for the upcoming 5 years in the study.

Tips for finding out if your pool is leaking: http://www.wikihow.com/Find-a-Leak-in-Your-Swimming-Pool