Wood Fence Paint and Replacement

Often the first component seen in a community is the fencing which is maintained by the HOA or Condominium Association. This may include perimeter fencing along roadways or at the entrance to a community. A deteriorated fence will give off the appearance that a community is lacking the funds or drive to adequately maintain the common areas which in turn impact s the market appeal of the community to Buyers/Renters which can impact property values and monthly rents obtained.

Typically in our reserve studies we will recommend funding for painting/staining a wood fence on a regular cycle (often every 5 years) and then for replacement of the fence at about the 20 year mark. It is important to remember that for a wood fence to reach a useful life of 20 years the regular cycles of paint/staining in the preceding years is critical otherwise wood fencing in the Pacific Northwest will often only last 12-15 years before significant rot impacts the useful life life of this component. Other items to consider:

  • Keep soil and vegetation away from the fencing
  • Grade soil to drain water away from the fence posts
  • Paint/Stain both sides of the fence
  • Inspect and repair locally annually
  • We recommend high quality products installed by professionals
  • Fund for replacement all at once for cost efficiency

Link: Wood Fence Maintenance Manual